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Debating - British Values

In the build up the general election, we created our own manifestos for how we would improve the country. We have quite a number of budding politicians in Class 7 who were able to debate with others using considered arguments when asked to pair up and discuss topics such as education, health care, and the environment.

Science Week - Lava Lamps

We created our very pwn lava lamps fr science week. After observing one lava lamp (made with oil, water, food colouring and fizzing tablets), we considered the dependent and independent variables that could change. We then chose one independent variable to change and observe  patterns.

World Book Day

As part of celebrations for World Book Day, Class 7 dressed as characters and explored a world of stories through the WBD official site. we read online books and listened to podcasts of celebrities reading from  fantastic texts.

Thanks to all of the children who took part in the 'Mystery Book' activity by creating a new cover for a book from home and writing a new blurb or decorating it in clues.

Fitness and Health

 Over the past half term we've improved our stamina and fitness through repeating a circuit each week and recording our scores. The children have taken lots of pride from the improvements they have made.


These two worked hard to understand the distributive law in numeracy using Numicon. Now they understand that we can use more than one multiplication fact to make a product.

Dance with Miss Hassle

Watch the video to find out more...


We love Ukeleles! We have been learning to play many songs such as 'Bobby Shafto', 'Lime in the Coconut' and 'Clementine' using finger picking and chords such as C7, F and C. We have realised that little and often practise goes a long way.

Active Noughts and Crosses

We have been playing games that involve communication and team skills. One of these was a version of noughts and crosses that used bean bags and lots of running. It's a good job we had children being referees as the games were getting very competitive!

Negative Numbers

These are numbers below 0. In real life a temperature below 0 degrees Celsius is freezing.

We learned that - 7 is lower than - 3 even though the digit appears bigger. This is because it is further below 0.

Word Classes

We have been finding it tricky to recognise what kind of word different words are. Because we're keen learners, we have been practising with all sorts of activities like this 'Spin the Wheel' game. 

Nouns are objects, people and places (e.g. car, table, America, John)

Verbs are things you do (e.g. run, sleep, think)

Adjectives describe nouns (e.g. smelly, wonderful, colossal)

Adverbs describe verbs (e.g. carefully, rapidly)

Roman Numerals

We are practising recognising Roman Numerals to 100. We learned the value of each symbol and that when the largest values go first we add and when the smallest values go first we subtract. That's why XI is 11 and IX is 9.

Kindness Web

We created a kindness web as we shared positive thoughts about each member of our team. We realised that we are all linked to each other and that the happiness of each individual affects that happiness of someone we have a close bond with.