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Highfield Primary School

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I hope you know where the sewing kit is, because these jokes will have you in stitches!! 


Q. What do you get if you cross a cocker spaniel, a poodle and a rooster?
A. Cockerpoodledoo!

Q. What's the most musical part of a chicken?
A. The drumstick!

Q. How do you get down from an elephant?
A. You don't, you get down off a duck!

Q. What geometric figure is like a lost parrot?
A. A polygon!

Q. Why don't cannibals eat clowns?
A. Because they taste funny!

Q.Why is a piano so hard to open?
A. Because the keys are on the inside!

Q. Why was the teacher cross-eyed?
A. He couldn't control his pupils!

Mum: What did you learn in school today?
Child: Not enough, I have to go back tomorrow!

Q. What lights up a football stadium?
A. A football match!

Q. What is harder to catch the faster you run?
A.Your breath!

Q. What common 11-letter word is always spelled incorrectly?
A. Incorrectly!