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Lockdown Home Learning

During the January/February 2021 lockdown many children are learning from home with the support of the learning activities we are providing through Google Classroom.

Every child has been provided with their unique log in details to access these and practised the necessary skills they need during lessons in the autumn term of 2020. More support on how to access and use Google Classroom can be found here: https://www.highfield-primary.trafford.sch.uk/curriculum/other-subjects/computing/google-classroom

The government has set out expectations that primary KS1 children receive 3 hours of learning each day. Currently there is no specific guidance regarding timings for Reception age children. Below is a table with recommended expectations for children in Class  1. Further support on well being and additional learning opportunities can be found beneath the table.

Lesson Activity Approximate Time

Phonics Live lesson


Morning session at 10.30am which introduces the day's lessons.


30 mins




Phonics / English live follow up activity 


One main activity linking to the live lesson. 20 mins

Physical Development

Handwriting Practise 

 Playdough disco


And calm down with some yoga



15 mins


Reading / Story time


Listening to recorded videos posted by class teachers. 

Practising red words.

Interactive reading games-Bitesize, Top Marks etc

In addition Audible are also offering hundreds of titles for pupils to listen to free.


Oxford Owl are also offering age appropriate books online.


The phonics play site is currently free

Username: Jan21

Password: home


15 mins




White Rose Maths introduction video and activity. 30 mins


Foundation subjects


One lesson per day based on Understanding the World, PE, EAD, Music or PSHE. 30 mins

Learning through play

This is an opportunity for your child to choose something that they would like eg: puzzles, building, construction, painting, drawing, playdough, craft activities, role play, small world animals, dolls house etc. 1 hour and beyond



Physical Activity

It is recommended that everybody partakes in at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. This could include using some of the links provided on the Highfield website, Google Classroom or enjoying exercise in your home  and local area.



The government have produced a children’s guide to coronavirus which aims to answer children’s questions about coronavirus, tell children how to stay safe and protect other people and how to help them make the best of their time at home.  This is available at the following link:


Click HERE for a book explaining Covid-19 and social distancing in a child friendly manner for young children
Click HERE for 'Coronavirus, a book for children'.

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