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****Click HERE for a book explaining Covid-19 and social distancing in a child friendly manner****

Have a look at some of the fantastic things that children from Class 3 have been doing while learning from home.

 If you want to email any pictures or videos through  of the amazing stuff you have been getting up to so I can add it to our gallery please send it to class3@highfield-primary.trafford.sch.uk and I can't wait to see everything you have been doing.  


Class 3 Home Learning week 14 20/7/20

Please note prior week's learning can we found here in case you would like to refer back to an activity or resource.


The safety of the children and their loved ones is of upmost importance over the coming weeks.

We also feel that it is vital that children continue to develop their learning where possible.

The timetable below offers a suggestion of the home learning activities that we recommend for the weeks while school is closed. This timetable focuses on English and maths core skills related to Year 1/2. Below the timetables are suggestions of further activities related to the wider curriculum such as science and foundation subjects. We will continue to update this page with activities should the school remain closed for a longer period.

Blue text = links to websites and documents


(Prior weeks' learning can be found here)

Week beginning 20/7/20:

Daily activities:

15 mins reading -

  • Log into Epic Reading using the code qra7800 (free access between 6am and 4pm). Epic Reading sign in instructions here. 
  • Read one of the books you have taken home from school.
  • Check out Oxford Owl's free ebook library. Its free to sign up to and they have over 100 ebooks, including favourites such as Biff, Chip & Kipper and Winnie the Witch, as well as a great selection of non-fiction books.
  • Audible have released lots of free children's audio books for the duration of the school closure, check some of them out here
  • Struggling for reading books? We have just signed up to a new scheme called Reading Planet. Follow the instructions below to access a wide range of books for children from EYFS through to KS2:
    Click on the following link to gain access to a whole library of books.
    You will see a box asking for your username and password. These are the same ones as you use for Times tables Rockstars. You will need to input the school ID code which is: 273622

15 mins Times Table RockStars

15 mins Spelling Shed

This weeks spelling are 

Please practise then as you would normally, then why not have your own spelling test on Friday? Ask an adult to read them out to you, mixing up the order, and putting each word into a sentence to give you some context.

***Check out our new and exciting phonics June/July daily timetable. A new short phonics activity for each day of the month. Please choose the correct level for your child as shown below. Also RWI have started releasing daily phonics videos on their youtube channel. There are a variety of lessons to choose from depending on what level best suits your child. The lessons are released live at 9.30 every day but are available to watch for up to 24hr afterwards. Please check out these great resources on their channel here.***

Many of the phonics activities are through a website called phonics play. For school closures they have opened up their resources to all for free, just use the username march20 and the password home to log in. The website follows letters and sounds grouping of the sounds into phases, but roughly they equate to RWI book colours as:

Red, green and pink – phase 2/ RWI set 1 and 2    July Phonics timetable phase 2

Orange and yellow books- phase 2 and 3/ RWI set 2 and 3   June Phonics timetable phase 3  July Phonics timetable phase 2   July Phonics timetable phase 3

Blue and grey books- phase 3, 4 and 5/ RWI set 3      July Phonics timetable phase 3    July Phonics timetable phase 4    July Phonics timetable Phase 5 

Please ensure that you chose the correct level for your child when accessing these phonics resources in order to maximise their learning opportunities.

To see the full list of RWI set 1, 2 and 3 sounds alongside their rhymes click here 

For our final week of learning we wanted to offer support with the various targets that have been suggested on the end of year reports. For each target there is a range of different activities that you can work on with your child, such as songs, games and worksheets. I have included a large selection of activities so pick and choose the ones which best target the area of need for your child. These activities can be completed over the course of this week or can be extended through the summer holidays when the chance arises to help prepare for Year 2 and 3.

If you are going into class 5 Miss Seddon has written you a lovely letter, which you should have received by email but if not here it is. She would love you to reply with a letter of your won to be sent to her class email address class5@highfield-primary.trafford.sch.uk . Don't forget to check out your new class pages under the heading classes 2020, and they will be regularly updated in preparation for September.

Maths targets

To be confident with counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s.

  • Active counting song
  • A song you should recognise from class
  • Duck shoot count in 2s, 5s and 10s game
  • Balloon pop count in 2s, 5s and 10s game
  • Counting in 2s activity pack
  • Counting in 2s mastery cards
  • Counting in 5s activity pack
  • Counting in 5s mastery cards
  • Counting in 10s pack
  • Counting in 10s mastery cards
  • Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s with money


To know number bonds to 10 and 20

  • Number bonds to 10 song
  • Number bonds to 20 song
  • Number bonds game
  • Number bonds to 10 games pack
  • Number bonds to 10 activity pack
  • Number bonds to 20 activity pack
  • Number bonds to 20 challenge cards
  • Number bonds to 10 challenge cards


To be confident with counting forwards and backwards to 100


To confidently know your 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables


English targets

To consistently use full stops and capital letters.

  • Hip hop granny punctuation song
  • Punctuation song
  • Punctuation worksheet 1
  • Punctuation worksheet 2
  • Correct the sentence
  • Capital letters activity book
  • Power point game and activities
  • When doing any writing remind your child before hand of what we expect in a sentence. When they have finished ask them to check they have everything in their sentence. Then work through any mistakes that they might have missed and talk about what changes they might need to make.

To use question marks where necessary.

  • Question mark song
  • Question mark game
  • Question mark power point activities
  • Is it a question worksheet
  • Question mark worksheets
  • Whenever you are reading with your child and you spot a question mark, either point it out and ask them what it means, or ask them what unusual punctuation they can see on the page. Talk abut how it changes the way that you would say the sentence.
  • Practise drawing question marks in a variety of media so that your child is familiar with how to form it.

To check work makes sense by rereading it and editing

  • Always encourage this after every piece that your child has written. What can they spot and edit? Can they come up with their own checklist taht they have to tick off as the re-read their work?
  • If they have re-read it and have missed things out, try just circling the incorrect part and asking them to look at it again, rather than simply telling them that they have missed out a ....
  • Try writing your own pieces of work with deliberate mistakes in, and asking your child to be the teacher and mark/chamge it. Children ove telling adults what they have done wrong!

To sound out words carefully and hear all sounds in words

  • Encourage your child to use their Fred Fingers when they sound out unfamiliar words
  • Look at the daily phonics work on the web page and the RWI live sessions
  • Have a look at the great games from phonics play remembering to choose the correct level for your child, username march20, password home.
  • Phonics phase 3 activity pack
  • Phonics phase 4 activity pack
  • Phonics phase 5 activity pack

To have a clear understanding of the different types of punctuation such as capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks, question marks and commas, and how they are used

  • For capitals letters and question mark work look at previous targets directly looking at this above.
  • Exclamation mark song
  • Exclamation mark power point activities
  • Exclamation mark worksheet
  • Exclamation mark or full stop worksheet
  • Exclamation, full stop or question mark worksheet
  • Whenever you are reading with your child and you come across some unusual punctuation, discuss it with them. What is its name? What does it do? What does it tell you about this sentence? Does it change the way that you have to read the sentence?

To form letters correctly, starting and ending in the correct place

  • Handwriting website
  • Another good handwriting website
  • Letter families handwriting practise
  • Individual letter writing practise
  • Encourage your child to really concentrate on starting their letters in the correct place so they are formed correctly. It is not enough just to look like the letter, as they will struggle when they come to learn joined up writing if they do not form their letters correctly. Lots of small practise every day is the ebst way to help your child with handwriting.

If you want to access any of the projects from a few week's ago just click here for the web page.


  • We have looked lots at different animals and how they are best suited to their habitats. They need to make sure that their habitat gives them food, water, somewhere to make a good home, keeps them safe from danger and is the right temperature for them.
  • Now you are going to use all this knowledge to create your own imaginary animal and create a suitable habitat for it. Have a look at this power point to recap some different habitats and animals that might e found there.  Use this as some inspiration for your imaginary creature and look at this worksheet to plan your animal out.
  • Finally on a separate piece of paper draw out your habitat for your creature, labelling the important parts.



  • Last week we looked at how the Wright brothers invented the world's first aeroplane that could actually fly. Here is a picture of it next to a modern day aeroplane.
  • Wright Airplanesaeroplane - Wiktionary
  • How are the 2 planes different to look at? Think about the size of them, the materials that they are made from, the wings, the engines. Which one would you rather fly in? Watch this video looking at the Wright brother's plane in more detail.
  • Do some research on the Wright brother's plane and modern day planes and make a poster explaining some of these differences.






  • We have done some fantastic art work both in school and when school has been closed. Now let's create one final piece to show your time in class 3. This is entirely up to you, get your creative juices flowing! You can use any media that you want to- paint, watercolours, sketching pencils, coloured pencils, felt tips, collage, chalk or a mixture of these. Your final piece can be on anything that makes you think of your time in class 3, that could be the classroom itself, the children or teachers, a favourite lesson or activity...whatever you want. Really use this opportunity to express yourself and show off your creativity.


  • Watch the special Hector's world episode called You are not alone all about cyber bullying.
  • When Hector asks you to pause and come up with some ideas to help Ming, see how many you can come up with.
  • When Ming asks you for help, what advice can you give her?



  • Try some alphabet yoga by looking at this fun poster!
  • Have a go at these fun Disney 10 minute shake up activities and games.
  • Have a look at these fun P.E. workouts here.
  • Why not practise some fun yoga and listen to a story at the same time with Cosmic Yoga, there are loads of different stories to choose from. Check out their website or look on their youtube site for some great videos.
  • Also check out Joe Wicks body coach channel with lots of interesting work out videos. Plus at 9am every weekday Joe will be live streaming a kids P.E. lesson, so don't forget to tune in.
  • Check out our fabulous Highfield Primary P.E. and Sports page for more great sporting ideas





What can I do, as a parent or carer, to help my child stay safe online?

1. Enable Parental Controls on your home internet.

2. Encourage your child to use 'Safe Search' search engines. http://www.safesearchkids.com/

3.  Be aware of how your child is accessing the internet. Although the legal age requirement to have Facebook, Instagram and many other social media sites is 13, some children still access and use some or all of these.

Parents should also be aware of the many games, including X-Box live and Fotnite that allow children to communicate with others whilst gaming. 'Yoursphere' has some great advice about ensuring privacy settings are in place to keep your child safe whilst online.

4. Have regular conversations with your child about their use of the internet. Click the image below as it provides a simple way of getting the message of E-Safety across to your child


You can download a comprehensive guide covering many aspects of e-safety here:

Keeping Safe on the Internet


Trafford Netware support

Netware is a parents’ guide to the social networks children and young people use. Please visit www.net-aware.org.uk for more information





 General Information


For more information on our handwriting scheme please click the handwriting website link below:



Class Information:

PE lessons take place on - Thursday

Homework will continue to be sent home on a Wednesday and collected back in on a Monday.

Children who do not complete their homework or hand it in on time will be asked to attend homework club which is available on Thursday at lunchtime.


Reading:  Please read for 5-10 minutes each night with your child &

                record any comments in the reading record book.

Books will be changed on a regular basis, once your child has read it twice (once for decoding of words and the second time for fluency)



School Fund

A reminder that a voluntary contribution of £1.00 per week, for school fund would be really appreciated. (£6 this half term) This can be paid via parent pay.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 


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