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Class 6 English and MATHS Homework


Each Wednesday, your child will bring home a maths and English homework book and a task from the book will be highlighted for completion. If there are any issues with homework, please come and speak to me so we can help. Homework Club is also available on Thursday at lunch time.

These books have been purchased to support your child’s learning at home. Please help your child take care of their books. There will be a small charge to replace any lost books.

Homework books will be sent home on a Wednesday, to be returned the following Monday.

Weekly spelling lists are sent home on Fridays to be learned for a test the following Friday. Please support your child with these little and often rather than cramming the day before. The quicker something is learned, the quicker it is forgotten!

In addition to this, please ensure that your child reads every night. Reading aloud to an adult is even more beneficial for learning than reading alone so please try to make some time to read with your child.


Class 6 Theme and Science Homework


A theme related or science homework will be set for each half term. 

This term’s homework task links to our local area study. We would like children to create a map of their own locality. This map could be of the area directly surrounding their own home, or it could be of a wider area. Map features could include: a plan view; symbols; colour coding; a key to explain symbols; an attempt to keep it simple to read. 

Thank you for your support with last term’s science homework. Many of the shadow puppet models and scripts were absolutely superb


Online Learning Activities


In a recent parent and pupil questionnaire, parents and pupils expressed an overall preference for the homework book format for homework. However, most responses also noted that online activities were enjoyable and provided an alternative learning style.

If you'd like to direct your child towards further activities to help learning, look at the links below for some suggestions:


English games based on...

Adverbs and adjectives

Comic book edit

KS2 Spelling interactive

Nouns and adjectives


Myths and legends

Reading - deduction 

Reading - finding information

Prefixes and suffixes



Times table facts and number bonds - very useful!

Rounding numbers

Ordering numbers

Number patterns

Comparing decimals

Problem solving using bar modelling

Space rocket shooting game - you can choose between lots of different learning objectives

Look here for more activities



Coding - this 'Hour of Code' website gives children access to a range of coding apps and activities to help build their programming skills and knowledge. Many of them are related to popular characters and games such as Minecraft or Star Wars.


Science and Eco

Re:think - website exploring environmental issues

ExpeRimental - ideas for science experiments that can be done at home

BBC Bitesize - science interactive games and videos related to KS2 topics



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