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Week Commencing 29/6/2020 (Prior weeks' learning can be found here)

Caterpillar Update

Mrs Morris Butterfly Lore

Wow what an exciting week I have had again. I have been watching our butterfly lore and experiencing the transformation. Firstly they have not stopped eating and growing. I can’t believe how much they eat. They are just like the Very Hungry Caterpillar! So when I first received the caterpillars they were tiny. I have taken some pictures again to show you just how much they have grown.


If you look at the bottom of the pot you can see just how much food they have been eating. Once the caterpillars had eaten enough food they climbed to the top of the pot and as you can see from the picture and they have hung in the shape of the letter ‘J’ underneath the lid. They will stay like this for 2-3 days. I have put them in a safe place where they cannot be disturbed or handled by my little boy. He is desperate to touch them.  In the meantime whist they need some peace and quiet we have been preparing their habitat ready for them. They will hopefully transform in to a chrysalis. Once this transformation has taken place we will be able to move on to the next exciting stage.

I shall look forward to speaking to you all next week!


Pet Week

Normally, during this time of year in Nursery, we invite children and parents to bring in their pets so that we can meet them and have a lovely time learning all about them.  This year, we are going to have a virtual Pet Week instead!  Please email me a picture of your pet and I will add it to our Pet Week gallery!

Mrs Hartley's pets

Meet Spud. He is 14 years old. He is an amazing jumper and is always jumping to catch flies and his favourite feathery toy.  He loves to sing and meows ALL the time!  His favourite spot is on my knee or in the garden.  He is Phoebe's daddy!


Meet Phoebe.  She is 13 years old and yes, she is Spud's daughter!  I saw her being born 13 years ago!  The picture on the right is Phoebe at 3 hours old. She is the softest cat in the world and is always sitting in places she shouldn't be!  She also loves to lick plastic, I have no idea why!


Meet Lola.  She is 7 months old.  She licks you to let you know she loves you and she loves to stand up on her back legs.  Her favourite food is spinach.

Meet Isabelle.  We call her Izzy for short.  She is 7 months old too. She loves to chew wires and loves to steal food off her sister, Lola.  She is VERY greedy!  The list of her favourite foods would be too long haha!

Mrs Morris's pet

Meet Remi.  She is 4 months old and an absolute cutie!  She is happiest playing in the garden and has loved to play in the paddling pool during the recent hot days.

Rosie's pets

Meet Bobby and Chi-Chi, Rosie's guinea pigs.

Meet Phoebe, she is 13 years old and her and Rosie have become best friends since the start of lockdown.

Joseph's pet

Meet Joseph's dog, Ben.


Draw me a picture of your pet/s (if you don't have a pet, you could draw a pet you would like to have).  Try to label your picture with your pet's name.  You could even add to your drawing what your pet likes to do - have a go at labelling these pictures too!


Let's read a story all about pets - The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen. (Available on YouTube if you don't have a copy)

I would like you to set up your own role play pet shop - Gather some cuddly toys that are also pets.  Can you write a label for each of your pets and write how much each pet costs.

Ask an adult, or an older sibling to role play a pet shop with you, buying and selling each toy you have labelled.

You could even set up your own pet shop role play with all of your toys, labels, coins, a till or computer, a phone, paper and pencils and even beds, bowls and pretend food for your pets too!


Pet STEM Challenge

Using small world construction or junk modelling, I would like you to build a home for a pet of your choice.  It could be a bird cage, a frog aquarium, or a  dog house (kennel).  Don't forget to send me a photo of your completed pet home, I would love to see them!



Download the Pets rhyming game here

Let's play a little rhyming game.  Print off the pet rhyming words and cut out each pet picture and lay them out on the floor.  Ask an adult or older sibling to help you sound out the words.  When you hear two pictures that rhyme (remember, this means they sound the same at the end) you put the two pictures together.

Challenge - When you are very confident with hearing the rhyming words, turn the cards over and play a game of pairs.  Turn over two cards at a time and if you find the rhyming pairs, you get to keep them.


If you could have any pet what would it be?  It can be an exotic pet or even a pet that is wild and far too big to live in your house! Paint me a picture of this pet and tell me why you would like to own this pet.

Challenge- Can you create your very own imaginary pet and paint me a picture of it?  Maybe your imaginary pet will have a long neck like a giraffe, stripes like a zebra, a mane like a lion, meow like a cat, jump like a kangaroo - anything you fancy! Ask an adult to help you label your painting too!


Mrs Morris’ exciting week

Hello everyone, I thought I would let you all know about my exciting delivery. Usually around this time in Nursery we learn about the life cycle of butterflies. It is a very exciting time usually, and so, because we are all at home at the moment, I didn’t want you all to miss out, therefore I thought I would have some butterfly lore delivered to my house. I am going post and show you each step of the way so you can see their development and each stage as they pass through.

So I had the butterfly lore delivered to my house on Monday the 15th June.  My son and I were so excited! We opened the box and inside was this little pot.      



Parents if anyone would like to purchase one for yourself the website is at the bottom of the lid but don’t worry because I am going to share mine with you all. The caterpillars are tiny, take a look!




Inside the pot at the bottom you can see a ‘sludge’ like substance, this is the caterpillars food. They will eat this for a good few days and get fatter and fatter. Can you remember the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar? This is a great story to read especially while we are learning about caterpillars.  In fact I would love to read this story to you all. I will recorded a video and sent it over to the website for you all to see. Well this is it for today, but I am excited to see what happens next when they get little bit fatter. Why don’t you have a guess, what do you think will happen next?



Look at our wonderful cress caterpillars from last weeks home learning! Well done children!


The sunshine is on it's way back! Yay! Our topics in Nursery are Holidays, Summer, Superheroes and Pets for the rest of the term.  As it is going to be lovely and sunny this week, I thought we could have our 'Holiday' week.

As this year is very different to previous years, many of you won't have been on holiday this year (sorry to make you sad parents!) so we will adapt our learning and use our imaginations and previous experiences to help us!


Pack a suitcase - Let's imagine that we are going on holiday tomorrow - exciting! Where shall we go? Somewhere warm? Somewhere cold? What shall we do when we get there? Now I want you to think of all the things you will need, get yourself a suitcase and pack the things you will need e.g sunglasses, sun cream, your toothbrush and don't forget the most important thing...your teddy bear!

Or you can download the cutting and sticking suitcase worksheet HERE.


Write a postcard- From your imaginary holiday (back garden) I would love for you to send me a postcard! Can you draw all the lovely things you have been doing?  Maybe you could try and label each picture by writing the initial sounds.

I would love to receive a picture of your postcard...even better, you could post it to me at Highfield!

You can download a postcard template HERE


Ooh it's a hot day - Let's cool down with home made lemonade!


You will need 6 lemons, caster sugar, some sparkling water, a juicer and some ice.

Fill a cup 3/4 full with caster sugar and place in a jug, add 1 cup of boiling water and stir.  Leave to cool.

Meanwhile, cut in half and juice 6 lemons. Strain if any pips accidentally get inside the lemon juice.

Add the lemon juice to the cool sugar water

Pour into a large jug and then add sparking water to taste - keep adding the water and then having a little sip as the taste does change quite quickly.

Add some ice to a glass and enjoy a refreshing glass of homemade lemonade!

And then send me the coolest picture of you drinking your lemonade!

(Thank you to my daughter for being my beautiful helper)


Seaside counting

You can download the seaside counting worksheet HERE

If you don't have a printer, you can re-create this counting sheet using flowers from the garden, plastic sea creatures etc.


Construction lighthouse or sandcastle

When you visit a seaside resort by the cliffs, you often see a lighthouse and people building sandcastles.

Using a range of different construction materials, I would like you to make either a lighthouse or a sandcastle.


Extra treat

Finish the week with a mini camping trip in your garden! Put up your tent or make a shelter out of chairs and blankets.  Make your own campfire out of twigs and red and orange tissue paper and tell each other stories around the fire!


My daughter and I had a very exciting moment on Thursday! Emmie found a snail in our garden and she put it in an insect house so she could look at it more closely. When it was in there, it laid an egg! She excitedly shouted me to come and look and whilst we were both watching it laid another egg!

 It was very exciting!

When I got home from work on Friday, we went to check on them and found it had laid 18 eggs!

Monday - Have a look around your garden, can you find any snails?  If you do, gently pick them up (or ask an adult to help) and put it in a container with air holes and some leaves from where you found it and have a look at what your snail gets up to over the day.  It would be lovely if you could draw me a picture of your snail too!

If you find more than one snail, you could even have a snail race!

Here is a little booklet, if you find a snail, you can print it out and draw me some lovely pictures in it.

Tuesday - Great Science Draw

The school are taking past in The Great Science Draw and it would be lovely if we could too!

Take a piece of chalk and go in your garden or on a large piece of paper and draw everything that you have been learning about in Science (for us, its Understanding The World).  You could draw the minibeasts we found in nursery or at home, the beans we planted, the flowers frozen in ice that we investigated how to get them out of the ice.  You could draw a daffodil or tulip from when we investigated these and even some scissors from when we dissected them.  Have fun with your creations and don't forget to send me a lovely picture to put on the school's Science web page.

Wednesday - Again with our focus of Understanding The World and snails, ask an adult if you can Google snail facts and ask an adult to read some interesting facts out to you.  Could you draw a picture that would go with the facts and an adult to write a short sentence underneath.  You could even create a small fact booklet with your pictures (feel free to print these off the internet too).

Thursday - Transient art snails - Using a range of loose parts, this can be anything you can find around the house and garden such as buttons, leaves, petals, stones etc, can you make a picture of a snail? Remember to do a wonderful swirl of your loose parts as the shell.  Could you use something different for the snail body?  I would also love to see your Transient art snails!

Friday - Story maps

Using one of your favourite snail stories

 my favourite is Norman The Snail with the Silly Shell

or you could choose The Snail and the Whale (both stories are available on YouTube) or any of your favourite snail stories, can you create a story map? To do this, read your chosen story a couple of times, once you are confident with the story, you create a story map by re-writing the story (very simply) using only pictures.

Once you have finished your story map, read your map to an adult and see if it helps you to re-tell your favourite snail story.  You could even film yourself reading the story, send it to me and I will share it on our Nursery web page next week - how exciting!

 Caterpillar/Butterfly week 8/6/2020


Monday- Read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar or watch The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated film on YouTube.  Discuss what foods the caterpillar liked to eat, do you like to eat them too? Over the next week, I would like you to create your own food diary of what you eat each day.  Can you draw a picture of all the foods you eat in a day, include any drinks too.  Try to also think of what sound each food begins with and have a go at writing the sound underneath each picture.  On Sunday, have a look at what you have eaten.  You could even draw each day on a paper plate and use these to create a paper plate caterpillar.

Tuesday - Butterfly symmetry - Ask an adult to print out the butterfly worksheet by clicking here (you can make them smaller by printing multiple copies to a page). Ask an adult to create a pattern on one side of the wing using crayons, felt tips or paint.  Child to copy the pattern on the other side of the wings.

Challenge - Can you create a pattern using different shapes e.g circles and squares?

Wednesday - Caterpillar numbers - using different coloured paper (if possible), cut out some circles.  On the first circle, create a lovely face for your caterpillar.  On each of the circles, write a number, starting from 0. Once you have all of the numbers, put them in order to create a number caterpillar.

Thursday - Using an egg carton, we are going to make our own cress caterpillar.  Cut a strip out of the egg carton and fill each segment with a bit of cotton wool or paper towel. Sprinkle a bit of water on the cotton wool or paper and then add some cress seeds to each segment. Next, create a face for your caterpillar, it can look like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or your own design.  Keep looking at your caterpillar each day to see if the cress has started to grow.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cress Planter – Fairy Tales and Mud Pies

Friday - Salt dough minibeast - Can you make your own minibeast out of salt dough, wait for it to dry or bake it in the oven (low temperature) and when it is dry, paint it the correct colours.  Take a photo and send it to me via email.

Challenge - Can you make the life cycle of a butterfly out of salt dough?  If you are feeling very creative, you could even re-create the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar out of salt dough!













Our Team!

Mrs Hartley

Class Teacher


Mrs Morris

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Horrocks 

Teaching Assistant

Our Nursery Library

Please make full use of our free Nursery library. You may take a book with your child as often as you like!

(Bookbags are available from the office for £4.)



It's spider week!


Playdough spiders - Roll a ball of playdough or salt dough and then add to it some eyes, have a think what you could use - maybe some small buttons, lentils, googly eyes.  Next add some legs.  How many legs does a spider have?  That's right - 8. Use anything long to make the legs - maybe pipe cleaners, straws, cotton buds, anything you like.

Challenge - Can you make your spider a web to live in too?

Don't forget to send me a picture of your wonderful creations.


Let's have a singing challenge.  you should have received an email about taking part in 'Dippy's explorers' singing challenge.  This will happen at 2.15pm.  I would love to see your singing videos, you can send them to the Nursery email or enter your singing challenge to music.service@trafford.gov.uk


Spider challenge - 

Write the word 'spider' vertically down a piece of paper.  Next go on a hunt and see how many things you can find that begin with the letter 's' and put them on the paper. Then write the number of things you found next to the items.

Repeat with all of the letters of the word 'Spider.'


Spiderweb numbers -

On a paper plate, write the numbers 0-10 randomly around the outside of the plate.  Using wool or string, start at 0 and then wrap your wool round to the number 1, then number 2 and continue until you have wrapped your wool all around the plate to create a web.


Making spider biscuits  - 

As a very special treat (and only if you have been very good) we will make some spider biscuits.


This is what you will need to make tasty spider biscuits.  you could also use chocolate fingers instead of the strawberry laces.

Take two biscuits, mix some icing making it nice and thick. Put some icing sugar on one biscuit.

 We know that spiders have 8 legs.  Take two strawberry laces and cut them in half.  Next put the laces across the icing sugar so that the 'legs' hang out of each side.

Place the other biscuit on top and then use the icing sugar to stick two chocolate buttons for the eyes on top of the biscuit.




Week Commencing 11/5/2020


Minibeast painting- What is your favourite mini beast? Paint me a beautiful picture of your favourite, you could even add some collage materials to your picture too! Don't forget to email me your picture, I'd love to see it!


Number recognition circles- Using the toilet roll tubes from your tower building you are going to do some printing with them. Choose a number and write it at the top of your page, then dip your toilet roll into some paint and print the corresponding amount of circles. Repeat as many times as you like using as many different colours as you like!


Make a boat- Using lots of different materials from around your home (junk modelling) design and make your own boat. You could use margarine tubs, yoghurt pots, anything you like! You might even want to give your boat a sail. Test your boat in the sink, bath or even in your paddling pool and see if it floats!


Kims game- Go on a hunt for 6-8 small items. Put them on a tray and try to remember what is there! Cover with a cloth/t-towel. One person to take an item away whilst the rest of you keep your eyes closed. Once it has been taken away (and hidden behind the choosers back) the rest can look and try and guess what is missing! Put the item back and then repeat as many times as you like!


Happy box- What makes you happy? Do you have a favourite toy? A favourite picture? A favourite game? Collect all of your favourite things and put them in a box, this is now your happy box! If you start to feel a little sad at times, you can look in your box to cheer you up! I would love to see what you have put in your boxes!


Week Commencing 4/5/2020 


I'm on top of it - Positional language

Choose a small teddy and have a box or a yoghurt pot.  Ask your child to put teddy inside, behind, on top, in front etc 

Challenge - Your child to sit on a child and adult give instructions of where to move - repeat with child giving the adult instructions.


Yesterday, you will of received a letter from Mrs Hartley - can you reply to Mrs Hartley and send it to the Nursery email. 


Phonics hunt.

Choose a few bowls e.g four and stick a sound on each one e.g, s,m,a,d.  Go on a sound hunt around the house and garden and see how many items of each sound you can find to put in your bowls.


VE Day celebration -

To honour VE day we are going to make some bravery medals.  Talk about what it is to be brave, how it feels and how we can each show it.

To make the medals you will need:

*Cardboard or thick card

*Gold/silver paper or paint

*Cookie cutters

*Pencil, scissors and glue



*Safety pins

Made the medal shape by drawing round the cookie cutters and then cut them out.  Paint them or cover in paper. Next, cover in glue and then sprinkle on some sequins or glitter.  Using 5cm lengths of ribbon, use some sticky tape to stick it to the back of the medals and then use a safety pin to attach to your top, smile for a photo and then send it to Mrs Hartley :) 



Week Commencing 27/4/2020

I have loved seeing all of your home learning photos, your minibeast hotels have been absolutely amazing! Well done!  It has also been wonderful to speak to so many of you on the phone and hear about all your adventures, it really puts a smile on my face!


What is your favourite insect? Using things that you find outside, can you make a minibeast picture out of natural materials?  Don't forget to send me a picture, I would love to see the finished result.



Window gazing - Choose a window in the house - can you draw what you can see out of the window?  Talk about what shapes you can see, what size the items are that you can see and what colours they are. It would be lovely if you could colour in your picture too!

Challenge - Could you also add to your picture some initial sound labels? E.G a t next to your picture of a tree.



Toy story - Choose a favourite toy and make up a story about that toy.  Ask an adult to write down your story (a great way for children to learn to connect marks on the page with words said out loud).  Or you could tell your favourite joke.

Challenge - Draw a picture to represent your story.



Spaghetti challenge


Using spaghetti, stand them up in a large ball of playdough or Blue tac, I did five but you can do as many as you want.  Using dice, or number to 10 cards, roll the dice or turn over a card - your challenge is to put that many pieces of pasta onto the spaghetti without it breaking!

Extra challenge - Can you write number labels to show how many pieces of pasta you were able to thread onto the spaghetti?



Toilet roll STEM challenge 

Using only ten toilet rolls and five paper plates (or small, thin books) - Your challenge is to build the tallest tower possible, using all the resources, without it falling over. Don't forget to take a photo of you standing next to your tower and send it to me!  I will do the challenge on Friday too and see if I can make the tallest tower.

Extra challenge - Use fifteen toilet rolls or ten toilet rolls and five kitchen rolls and seven paper plates or small, thin books.



Didn't get a chance to complete all the fun activities from last week?  Don't worry, you can find all previous activities HERE




Week Commencing 20/4/2020



Look how much your beans have grown! Thank you to Mrs Horrocks for sending in the picture and to Joseph for watering them for us, you are doing a fantastic job!

Our new topics this half term are Spring and Minibeasts.



Boomerang maths - You say it, they bring it back!

Say an amount (e.g 3) and an object (e.g spoons). Ask your child to hunt for that many objects and bring them back. Extend by having pieces of paper with dots drawn on for them to count before hunting, or by writing the number.  Set a timer, can they beat their time?

Challenge - Can they find one more or one less?



Shaving foam

Using a shallow tray, add some shaving foam and ask your child to make patterns e.g zigzags, dots, swirls etc.

Have a go at writing your name, letters of the alphabet or challenge yourself to write some CVC words e.g cat, dog, log, sun.



Minibeast hotel

Using the cardboard tissue box you saved from last week - we are going to turn it into a minibeast hotel.

First, cut some holes in the sides for the bugs to crawl in.

Next, go on a little hunt around your garden for leaves and petals and stick these around your minibeast hotel.

Once your hotel is nicely decorated, it's time to decorate inside. Put in some soil, stones, twigs and flowers from around your garden.

Finally, go on a minibeast hunt in your garden and see what you can put in your minibeast hotel.

I found;

3 caterpillars, 2 snails, 1 woodlouse and a worm.  I also found a spider but it ran away!

Don't forget to take a picture of your minibeast hotel and email it to me, I'd love to see it!




Size hunt

In your garden, go on a twig hunt or a leaf hunt.  Once you have gathered your twigs/leaves, can you arrange them from longest to shortest? Don't forget to use as much language as possible whilst you are doing so.



Minibeast baking

Let's get creative - Using our topic of Minibeasts - can you bake something in this theme e.g ladybird pizzas using pepperoni for the spots or butterfly cupcakes or snail cinnamon swirls?  Get creative and remember; baking uses so many skills - fine motor development, listening and attention, language development, mathematical development, risk taking, hand/eye coordination, responsibility, turn taking and also gross lateral development so it's fantastic to see so many pictures of you baking already!

Take a picture of your minibeast baking and send it to me, I'd love to see it!



 Save all of your toilet roll/kitchen roll inserts for a fun STEM activity next week!



Week Commencing 14/4/2020

Happy Easter!



Easter STEM.   I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and the Easter bunny hopped into your garden or home and left you an egg.  If it left you a small, individual egg or you have a hard boiled egg, maybe you would like to try a STEM challenge.  If you have older brothers or sisters, they can join in too and you could race them!

CHALLENGE: Make a zip line/wire using string or wool.  Your challenge is to then create a way to transport your egg down the zip wire.  You can use anything you have in the house E.g pipe cleaners, straws, Lego, plastic egg containers, anything at all to safely get your egg from one end of the zip wire to the other.

I would love to see your creations and hear about how you got on so please feel free to email me your pictures on my temporary email: Nursery@highfield-primary.trafford.sch.uk  



Using chalk, go outside and write some letters on the floor (or an adult could do this first).  Using a paintbrush and some water, dip the paintbrush in the water and try to rub out the chalk by going over the letters using the correct formation rhymes E.g m is Down Maisie, mountain, mountain.



{Whether your child is making marks or trying to form letters, they can make labels for things}

Making labels - Look around your home together and decide what needs a label - the toys, the teabags, the shoes? Make a label using marks, or writing letters or by drawing a picture.  Use tape, Blu tack or just lay the label next to the object. Can you say what you have written or drawn?




Spring colour walk

Go on a lovely walk (or have a hunt around your garden) and see what different coloured flowers you can see.  If these flowers are growing wild, and it's safe to do so, pick one and take it home.  talk with your parent/s about all the different colours you found.  Are there any colours you could not find?  Did you find more of one colour than the others?  Take a picture and send them to me via email, I would love to see them!


   This is what I found on my colour walk


If you have an old tissue box, keep it, ready for a fun activity coming next week!



Week Commencing 23/3/2020


Go for a walk and look for numbers in the environment, ask an adult to take a picture of these on their phone. When you get home, have a go at writing these numbers on your wipe board 



Copy me - Take turns for one of you to be the 'mover' and the other to be a 'copier.' Whatever the mover does, the copier has to do too. Move your bodies in weird and wonderful ways.



Send a song - If you have a mobile device, record messages for family and friends - sing them songs or send photos or videos.  Ask them to send the same back for your child.



Superpowers - You and your child choose a superpower to have for the afternoon.  Will you be invisible?  Can you fly? Super strength? Super tidy-upper? Then pretend to have that power for the rest of the day, using lots of talk to describe your superpower and what you can do.



Easter - Time to get creative!  Bake Easter nests or create a lovely Easter card for someone you love. If you have eggs, hard boil them (or buy styrofoam eggs) and decorate them - perhaps you could make a scene from your favourite book or turn your egg into your favourite book character.


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