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Express Yourself!

The whole school took part in 'Express Yourself', a creative Arts and DT themed day. Children were grouped in their ‘eights’ (a child from each year group) to work around a carousel of activities throughout the day. These were carefully thought out activities planned around pupils’ interest and ideas. Every member of staff ran a different activity to facilitate small groups and a wide range of activities. These activities ranged from baking, tie dying, clay, sewing, digital art to ‘Art Attack’ outdoors! 

There was a real buzz around school, with children relishing the opportunity to express themselves creatively and be 'hands on' all day. Working collaboratively, communicating well with each other, sharing ideas and building resilience. It was lovely to see older children supporting and encouraging younger ones when they needed a little help.

It was an extremely fun filled day which was enjoyed by all - such a success we aim to have more in the future.

 Here's what the children thought...


I didn't like it...I LOVED it!

James Class 8

'I liked working as an 8 and helping each other'

Bailey Class 9

'I loved making a pompom it took a lot of patience'

Yaash Class 3

'I liked making lasagne using lots of vegetables'

Jorja Class 2

'I really enjoyed making Origami..It was my first time and I could do it!!!' Grace Class 3

'I liked watching the younger children enjoy themselves'

Iman Class 9


Chloe and Kiera Class 5

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Bridgenorth Avenue, Urmston, Manchester, M41 9PA

0161 748 6096