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Parent comments from the Annual Report feedback form


Thank you to all at Highfield for yet another happy year at school.


...has made brilliant progress this year and has really amazed us with how he has settled into school. 


...absolutely loves school and really enjoys the Themes that change each term.


... huge thanks to all staff at Highfield for their efforts and dedication.


... we could not ask for a better start to her education.


The dedication to developing well-rounded children is evident and we are thankful that we chose Highfield and that you have prepared him well for the next stage of his education.


...we were pleased to see a more varied after school club timetable .. for the less sporty child! 


...has loved each and everyday at school and is eager to get to school each morning.


...excellent teaching and dedication.


...at Highfield for one year, we are amazed at his results and very pleased with Highfield School.


Thank you to all the other staff who work hard to make it a safe and fun environment to learn in!


Thank you for an an amazing 12 months.


...he has grown in confidence in all aspects of his life.


...we are delighted with the progress she has made this year. She clearly enjoys school and is looking forward to Year 3.


...a fabulous report and reflects not only the progress he has made in Year 6 but throughout the whole of his time at Highfield.


We have witnessed our daughter grow in confidence and her thirst for learning develop stronger - she is so eager to come to school everyday.


... he feels comfortable talking to his teachers and I think this has helped him with his excellent results.


...has had encouragement and taken part in interesting activities.


...has absolutely loved his time in nursery and we have been very happy with all aspects of his nursery education.


Lunchtime at Highfield 

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