Enjoy the summer holiday!  School opens on Wednesday 2nd September. Remember to bring in a photo or picture about your summer holiday to share with your new class.

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We are proud of our Ofsted Report, December 2012 - Achievement of Pupils is GOOD, Quality of Teaching is GOOD, Behaviour and Safety is GOOD, Leadership and Management is GOOD!


 Ofsted December 2012

‘Pupils are respectful, polite and well mannered.’

‘Attainment is significantly above average in all subjects combined over the three years.’

‘Pupils feel safe.’

‘Mathematics is very strong.’

‘The ‘8’s’ system where pupils of mixed ages are in groups of eight for assemblies, lunchtimes and events is also successful because it fosters a caring attitude and good relationships.’

‘The governance of the school is strong.’

‘Parents, staff and pupils are extremely positive about safety and behaviour.’