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Class 4 Photos



We compared the symbols of Easter and the symbols of Spring. This is an exciting time of year for many reasons. In science we have studied the way that flowers such as daffodils grow from bulbs at this time of year. There are signs of new life everywhere and this links to the Easter story and life of Jesus. We even ate one of the symbols of Easter as we tasted hot cross buns!


We have been learning about division this term. We have been dividing by grouping and sharing then representing this as an array. 


We studied pushes and pulls by creating our own slingshots then planning an investigation into the effect of pulling the elastic band back further and further.


Fearless Class 4 have been practising their rolls and balancing. After making lots of progress with forward rolls, they took their balances to new heights on the apparatus!

Local Area Trip

Class 4 navigated the local area using their map skills including interpreting a key and its symbols. While out and about we took part in some field work as we collected data about the traffic on our roads.

3D Face Art

We represented famous people of our choice including George Best, Florence Nightingale, The Beatles and LS Lowry using paper folding and sticking techniques.


We explore a range of poetry types including Kennings and Cinquains. We used the season of winter as inspiration and learned the poem 'I am Winter, King of Seasons'.

Active Maths

We took our maths skills to the hall where we added and subtracted numbers to 20 using mental skills. We traded numbers with each other and either added the numbers we collected or found the difference between them.


Class 4 used their measuring, cutting and joining skills to create these wonderful lanterns inspired by Lady with the Lamp, Florence Nightingale.

Epic Reading

We have been logging in to Epic Reading - a wonderful resource that bring s a library full of exciting books into your home digitally. Give it a try at home - the log in details are in their reading records.

Maths - Comparing Sums

We used the >, < and = symbols to compare two sums. Fr example, 2 + 5 is the same value as 3 + 4 so we can write this as 2 + 5 = 3 +4

RE - Mrs Robertson Interview

To help us consider what roles others have in the world around us, we prepared questions to ask Mrs Robertson and then put her on the spot in a class interview. 

Theme - Timelines

At the beginning of our new unit about significant people from the past, we used our enquiry skills and existing knowledge to put images in chronological order to create a timeline of eras.

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