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Kindness Keepers

September 2019

All the children in years 5 & 6 were given the opportunity to apply to be a Kindness Keeper.

To do so, they had to read the job description carefully and then write a paragraph about why they think they would be great for the job.

Lots of children applied but Miss Errington had the tricky job of picking only eight children to be the Kindness Keepers.

Once they were chosen they had to sign the job application to prove that they were committed to the role.

October 2019

The Kindness Keepers were informed about important training that they have the opportunity to go on in November. The training  is led by ‘The Dianna Award’ which is a charity set up in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales and her belief that young people have the power to change the world.

Before the Kindness Keepers could attend the training they had to complete a questionnaire. The questions were based on their understanding of the types of bullying and also to find out what they wanted to learn from the training.


November 2019

The children attended the Anti-Bullying Ambassador training.  They learnt lots - about what bullying is and how to spot it. After the training, the children talked in assembly teaching the rest of school about the different types of bullying (Verbal, Indirect & Physical). 

At the training, the Kindness Keepers were asked to think about running an Anti-bullying campaign at Highfield. They noted down lots of ideas in their journals and we aim to select some of these ideas to implement at Highfield. 

December 2019 

The Kindness Keeper lead received a phone call from the Dianna Award to discuss what the Kindness Keepers have already done since their training and they they plan to do. 

January 2020

Every Thursday lunch time the Kindness Keepers have been helping out with the yoga relaxation club. The children have found the yoga calming and they would like to do it again as it makes them happy.


February 2020 

We have decided that we would like to raise some money to go towards a show/theater production that will take place at Highfield. The show will be about the impact bullying has on lives. 

So far, we have decided that we will arrange 3 film nights (EYFS & KS1, LKS2 & UKS2). We will charge £1.50 and provide drinks and pop-corn. Also, that the advert before the film starts will be made by the Kindness Keepers all about being kind around school. 

March 2020 

We began to prepare our presentation for out UP-SKILL training. The training has been postponed so once we are back we will continue with our presentation. 

Anti-Bullying Ambassador training at Rudheath Senior Academy, November 2019

Support for parents & guardians 


Anti-Bullying Charter

In November, during national Anti-Bullying week (Friendship Week), the Kindness Keepres reviewed our Anti-Bullying Charter.

This is an important document and is displayed in every class as well as on the Anti-Bullying Ambassador display in the main school corridor.

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