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Highfield Ofsted Short Inspection Report  - February 2023

We had a short inspection 23rd & 24th February 2023 and the school was judged as continuing to be good.

We have much to celebrate at Highfield:

Pupils are proud of their school and they describe it as ‘an amazing place’.

Pupils enjoy their learning and they do their best to follow the school’s motto by being ready to learn and respectful towards others and keeping themselves safe.


 Staff know the pupils and their families well. They have established warm and caring relationships with pupils

Leaders have high expectations of pupils, including pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Pupils follow school routines, work hard during lessons and achieve well.

Leaders have designed an aspirational curriculum that covers a suitably broad range of subjects from early years to Year 6. The curriculum is constructed to develop pupils’ knowledge and skills over time, so that they grow in confidence with their learning. Leaders have identified the important facts that pupils need to know. Teachers have strong knowledge of the subjects that they deliver and they use this to design learning well.

Leaders and staff are trained well to identify the academic and emotional needs of pupils with SEND quickly. They work effectively with external agencies to ensure that these pupils and their families receive the support that they need.

Leaders have prioritised the teaching of reading throughout the school.

Pupils benefit from a carefully considered personal development programme. 

Governors are well informed about leaders’ key priorities to develop further the quality of education for pupils. Staff work in a collegiate manner to support each other. 

 Please click here to view the full Ofsted Report, February 2023.

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Bridgenorth Avenue, Urmston, Manchester, M41 9PA

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