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Below you will find more information and detail about what will be covering over this half term.



We will be learning a fiction story called ‘The Dragon Slayer’ through Talk4Writing at the start of this half term. The children will then take the story they have learnt and adapt it to make it their own. Our grammar focuses will be:

• Comparative and superlative adjectives
• Expanded noun phrases
• Adverbs of manner

Once we have finished this piece of writing, children will then be writing a play script based around a fairy-tale of choice.


Please continue to learn your spellings each week. It is great to see how many children are using Spelling Shed at home to help them learn their spellings each week. I have been impressed by how many children are scoring 8 or more out of 10 each week! 

We will be starting our new class text called 'The Midnight Panda' by Holly Webb. The children will be reading and answering questions about what they have read using the different reading domains. 

Please ensure you read with your child each night and write it in their reading diary. If you feel you need more than one book each week then please do not hesitate to email and let me know and I will sort that out. Please write in your child's reading diary each time you read so that they can score points on the reading tracker and earn their badge at the end of the half term. This half term, the children need to earn 30 points to get a badge.


In Maths this half term, we will continue to focus on Time. Any work that can be done at home in preparation for this would be much appreciated. Please encourage your child to tell the time at home and practice it with them.

• Look at the 24 hour clock
• Finding the duration
• Problem solving with time

Once we have finished this topic, we will move on to learning about Shape where we will look at turns, angles, 3D shapes and their properties.

There are a number of songs on the internet that can help your child to learn their multiplication and division facts. We will be focusing on the 8, 6  and 7 tables this half term.






We will be looking at sound this half term. We will focus on:
• Identifying how sounds are made
• Finding patterns between pitch and sound
• Classifying sounds
• Finding patterns between the volume of sound and the strength of the vibrations


This half term, we will be looking at how to make sure we are safe when using the internet.



This half term we will be learning all about

 Europe. Within this we will:

  • Locate Europe on a map
  • Identify countries within Europe
  • Find out about culture and traditions in different European countries
  • Find out about tourism within European countries
  • Look at geographical features and the climate within areas of Europe



We will be looking at the work of Picasso in Art this half term and exploring the cubism movement.

Within this the children will:


  • Know how to identify the techniques used by different artists
  • Know how to compare the work of different artists
  • Recognise when art is from different cultures
  • Recognise when art is from different historical periods
  • Experiment with the styles used by other artists.
  • Explain some of the features of art from historical periods.
  • Know how different artists developed their specific techniques
  • Show an understanding of shape, space and form.



Our RE topic this term will be ‘What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today?’ Within this topic we will think about:

  • What Christians do to show their faith
  • Describe ways in which Christians express their faith through hymns
  • Think about how Christians use their faith to help others



We have been thoroughly enjoying our Saxophone lessons at school and I am sure you are all enjoying listening to the beautiful music at home too! We have been learning the note B A G and will be looking at different songs we can play with them!    




Next half term, one of our PE sessions will be Athletics. We will be looking at running, jumping and field events within athletics. Our other session will be focused on outdoor adventure activities such as Orienteering




‘Growing and Changing’

Within this topic children will:

  • Describe some of the changes that happen in people’s lives
  • Name positive and negative feelings
  • Define the difference between ‘secret’ and ‘surprise’ and know the difference between a safe and unsafe secret
  • Know who to ask for help if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable


In French, we will be continuing our work on days and months of the year before moving on to the names of animals. 



For our DT day this half term, we will be venturing to Greece as part of our Europe theme. We will be designing a food menu consisting of Greek food before having a go at making a couple of recipes ourselves!



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