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Monday 14th June

How exciting! 

The duckling eggs have arrived in our Nursery.

We have set up the incubator and a hutch with a heat plate in anticipation for their arrival. 

Tuesday 15th June 

When Mr Piggott unlocked nursery this morning he found one hatched egg. Then an hour later Mrs Horrocks witnessed the second duckling hatch. 

When the ducklings hatch the are very tired because they have used up lots of energy cracking the shell with their bill. So they will be panting and need lots of rest. 

Once their feathers have dried in the incubator, they can be moved over to the hutch where they sit under a heat plate. When they are ready they will explore and have some food and water. 

During the day the children in Nursery been fascinated with the ducklings. Before lunchtime we noticed another egg cracking and after lunchtime we watched the duckling hatch! It was amazing to see. You could even hear it tweeting. 

Do you think they are boys or girls? How do you tell with ducklings? If you do some research and find out, please let us know. 

Wednesday 16th June 

We have 3 healthy ducklings that love cuddling together under the heat plate and 2 more eggs waiting to hatch. 

It is such a warm day, so we took the ducklings outside in a little run to waddle around in. The children looked closely at their webbed feet, yellow feathers  and their wings. 

We then went inside to do some observational drawings of our ducklings. 

In the afternoon, we talked about what we could name our ducklings and then voted for our favourite names. Our ducklings are now named, Coco, Fluffly and Rose. 

Thursday 17th June 

We let the 3 ducklings out to explore in the grass and we noticed that they loved putting their feet into their water dish. 

So in the afternoon, we put in a shallow tray of water and they took to it like a duck takes to water! 

They loved splashing around in the water and running in and out of it. They are definitely getting faster!

Friday 18th June 

Last night,  another duckling was born. This duckling was very tired when it was born, as it took a lot longer to hatch from it's shell. It also did not seem as strong as the other ducklings. 

But this morning, I saw the new duckling being cuddled by the others to keep warm and it seem to have had a good nights sleep. 

On closer inspection we noticed that the ducklings wing looked sore, so we gently bathed the part that was bothering it and we have also noticed that it's webbed feet were different to the other ducklings. There is a part of it's foot that is bent differently.

However, we are so proud of our duckling as it wants to walk around and it wants to drink it's water. We have spoken to the farm and they have told us to keep caring for the duckling as we are and to mush up it's food if it starts to struggle to eat. We need this duckling to be as strong as it can be. Luckily, the other ducklings are looking after her and they try and help her up when she tumbles and they like to make sure she is warm. 

We have decided to call this duckling Hope, as we hope she gets better and learns to turn herself over on her own. 

Can you spot Hope on the pictures? She is the smaller duckling. 

Saturday 19th June 

What a difference a day makes...24 little hours...

Yesterday, Hope was unable to get herself up if she fell onto her back. But today she can roll herself back over, walk with less wobbles and paddle! 

The ducklings are staying with Mrs Horrorks this weekend and they have taken over her grandchildren's paddling pool. Mrs Horrocks filled the paddling pool with lukewarm water and we let the ducklings have a swim. They loved it and it was amazing to see the water droplets slide off their feathers. Fluffy, Rose and Coco liked to dive under the water to submerged themselves and Hope loved being able to swim as fast as her siblings. 

We hope that you enjoy the video of them paddling and of Hope drying off after her first swim. Hope's webbed feet look much better now. 

Sunday 19th June 

Egg number 5 is still in the incubator and there are no signs of it hatching. 

The other 4 duckling are having a great time with Mrs Horrocks and they enjoy exploring her garden. They have been for another swim today and they seem to like diving under the water! 

Can you notice any changes in the ducklings? I am noticing more yellow feathers. 

Monday 21st June 

The children were surprised to see how much the duckling have grown over the weekend. They were also so pleased that Hope is stronger. 

The children loved watching them swim and dive underwater in the paddling pool.

The nursery children were also very sensible and helped us feed the ducklings. 

Tuesday 22nd June 

Today the ducklings have had morning chilling in the sunshine and an afternoon swim. 

This morning the children took their own photographs of the duckling using an IPad. 

This afternoon, the children have been telling us the duckling facts that they have learnt and they have also  played a hook a duck number game.

When the ducklings were in the paddling pool a fly went into the water and one of the ducklings ate it! I think that they found it tasty because then a bee flew over and they all tried to reach it. 

Wednesday 23rd June 

We have noticed some changes in the ducklings today. 

They seem much bigger and stronger and they now have feathers growing on their tails. We have also noticed that their bills feel harder and they have a small sharp claws on their webbed feet. 

They still love going for a paddle! If you put your hand in and keep it very still, they like to sit on your hand in the water for a rest. 

Thursday 25th June

Today is a sad day...we had to say goodbye to our ducklings. 

The farmer came to pick the ducklings up to take them back to his farm in Yorkshire. The children wanted to ask the farmer some questions. They asked him "Where will they sleep?" and the farmer told them that they will sleep in a big wooden home that looks like a shed and in the day time they can roam around and have access to water for a swim. The farmer told us that they are rare ducks so they will be well looked after. He was also very impressed with how strong Hope is and said soon she will be the boss of all the ducks! 

Even though it was sad to say goodbye to the ducklings, we have learnt so much from them. They have taught us how to care for an animal, that they need food and water and a clean bed. They have taught us about how ducklings hatch and how they need to be kept warm. And they have taught us not to give up! Hope never gave up when she kept falling over and now she is doing brilliantly.  

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