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Modern Foreign Languages


At Highfield, we are proud of the Modern Foreign Languages programme that we offer to our children. We believe that learning a foreign language is an important part of the learning that takes place at Highfield, as it provides opportunities for children to engage in enjoyable activities that build their confidence and develop different language skills. As well as this, the lessons are an important opportunity for children to gain a greater inter-cultural understanding and respect for the fact that people from other countries may have different traditions and beliefs.



 The aims set out in the National Curriculum relate to literacy and oracy.

At Highfield, we recognise that learning a language at KS2 has a number of benefits and this is refleted in our (additional) aims:

  • To promote intercultural respect and understanding
  • to increase awareness of our geographical position and role in Europe and the world
  • To give the pupils the skills, knowledge and understanding to communicate with native speakers of other languages 
  • To give pupils insight into their own language(s)
  • To support further learning of the same or different languages to Key Stage 3 and beyond  

This year is a very exciting year for us at Highfield as we are starting to learn a brand new language! Our chosen language is Spanish. We will be using a website called Primary Languages Network within the classroom which has a wealth of resources and lessons that follow the aims of the National Curriculum. All children in KS2 will begin to learn the language at the same level. There are a number of reasons for choosing to do this but the main factors are:

1) The children will need to go back to basics to ensure progress is built up

2) If children have gaps in prior learning they will find it very challenging to progress

3) For wellbeing reasons children will find it comforting to revisit familiar language and ease themselves back into language learning

The lessons can be easily adapted to challenge children higher up the school or others who may require it.

Children in EYFS and KS1 will also have access to resources and the language in school to help to prepare them for when they reach KS2 and start to learn the language in more detail. 

Here is a copy of our long term plan for you to have a look at to see how our learning will progress over this year!

MFL long term plan 2021-22






Here are some suggested websites that will allow you to continue developing a love for languages at home:



BBC have a range of lessons and clips for KS2 children here. They're helpfully organised into the relevant categories.



Duo Lingo is the leading online languages platform and is absolutely free. You will need an adult  to sign up for you by using their email address. Once you are set up, you can choose to log in online or download  the app for ease of access to lessons, games, quizzes and tests to boost your progress in French (or a number of other languages).


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