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At Highfield we care about the health and well-being of our children. We are committed to supporting the emotional health and well-being of our pupils and we take the view that positive mental health is everybody’s business and that we all have a role to play. 


Take a look at this Well-Being menu to see how you can support well-being at home. 

On this page you will find some examples of how we promote well-being at Highfield. 

Walking Bus

Every Monday, Miss Errington and another member of staff set out on the walking bus. The walking bus is a great way for children to meet friends, exercise, learn about road safety and help the environment by making sure that there are less cars on the road. 

If you are interested in your child/children joining the walking bus, then please ask the office for a letter or download the one below. 

WOW Walk to School Tracker

Highfield Primary School has been chosen once again to be part of an exciting nationwide challenge to encourage more children and their families to walk to school. WOW – is a year round walk to school challenge. It is delivered by Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking, to help as many children as possible experience the benefits that walking to school brings.

WOW is a pupil-led initiative where children self-report how they get to school every day. If they travel sustainably (walk, cycle or scoot) twice a week for a month, they are rewarded with a badge!


Yoga Relaxation Club 

Every Thursday lunch time the Kindness Keepers have been helping out with the yoga relaxation club. The children have found the yoga calming and they would like to do it again as it makes them happy.

Well-Being Time

At Highfield, we value the teaching of well-being. Therefore, on Monday mornings, Classes 1 to 10 spends fifteen minutes (9:00-9:15) learning about how to promote well-being and positive mental health. 

Over the school year each class will learn: 

  • how to celebrate their strengths 
  • how the brain works 
  • how understand their emotions and feelings better  
  • how to appreciate the people in their live and the world around them
  • how to build resilience
  • how to engage with others or situations 


Woodland Wednesday

Research has shown that learning outdoors for just one lesson a week boosts learning and behaviour in primary school children. A recent study (2019) commissioned by the Wildlife Trust found that children’s well-being increased after they had spent time connecting with nature and that they gained educational benefits as well as wider personal and social benefits.

Therefore, at Highfield we aim for every child to take part in  outdoor learning sessions ran by Miss Errington each half term. 



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