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Welcome to Highfield!  



On behalf of the staff and governors I am delighted to welcome you to our school.

Highfield is a happy school, where children learn in a caring environment and all are valued.

We aim to develop creative approaches to learning where children are engaged, excited and enthused about what they are doing in school. We teach children to aim high and develop their individual skills and talents so that each child achieves their potential.

We want to instil in children a love of learning for its own sake and help them become confident, self-disciplined individuals capable of engaging in a lifelong process of learning.


Our motto at Highfield is C.A.R.E. and underpins our vision and what we believe is important.



Our School Vision


An inclusive school where we are all valued and learn in a caring environment. We are considerate of others’ feelings; we are thoughtful, kind and helpful; we show respect for our diverse community and for different points of view.


An aspirational school with high expectations of ourselves and others. We have a growth mindset, showing resilience and learning from our mistakes; we are problem solvers and critical thinkers who know our goals and targets and always aspire to be our best.


A school where we all take responsibility for our learning and behaviour and strive to be Ready, Respectful and Safe to become independent, self-disciplined and resilient individuals.


A happy school where enjoyment in learning, having fun and being part of the Highfield family helps us become confident and enthusiastic learners and sets us on the path to a lifelong process of learning.



Consideration, Aspiration, Responsibility and Enjoyment

What does this mean?

Consideration being thoughtful, kind and helpful; thinking about others' feelings and how our words and actions affect others; respecting different points of view; showing respect for our diverse community; making others feel welcome and included.

Aspiration –determination to do well; working hard and wanting to improve; having high expectation of ourselves and others; showing resilience and not giving up; being problem solvers and critical thinkers; showing a growth mindset - learning from our mistakes and challenging ourselves to always do our best to reach our goals and targets.
esponsibility taking responsibility for our learning and behaviour; organising ourselves and striving to be independent; looking after our own, other people's and school property; being reliable and trustworthy.


Enjoyment Enjoying each other’s company; enjoying being in school; having fun; enthusiastically embracing all aspects of school life. Enjoyment is important because happy children do (learn) well.



I hope you find the information on our website a helpful insight into the life and work of our school.


Mrs L. Robertson



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Bridgenorth Avenue, Urmston, Manchester, M41 9PA

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