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'Great Session..Very informative and helpful. Annabel was very excited and loved seeing mummy in school' 

'Brilliant - Anayah really enjoyed showing mummy all the different activities' 

'ee'  'that was great'- Hollie's Dad

'Really engaging session, Samuel enjoyed showing us what he has been learning at school' 

'Lovely to see Abigail in school- very proud....great to see how the lessons are taught and how quickly children pick up the new sounds' 

'Great time being able to see Jacob learning and having fun in school with his friends. He enjoyed mum being in school'

'Jasmine really enjoyed showing mummy all the different activities' 

'Lovely to share RWI time with Hannah' 

'Abbie loved showing us her classroom and how she learns her letters/sounds. Great session' 


LKS2 taught First Aid!

Over three days, the Lower Key Stage Two classes were each visited by St John's Ambulance to learn basic first aid.

After some discussion about what should and shouldn't be inside a first aid box, the children were taught how to administer first aid to an unconscious casualty. First they needed to check the surroundings to ensure they wouldn't also be hurt. When the children were certain that the casualty could be approached safely, they were able to practise their new skills such as checking for a response, checking for breathing and putting the casualty into a recovery position whilst waiting for more help or an ambulance to come.

The afternoon ended with all the children practising their wrapping of bandages and going home with broken arms...luckily, the parents were understanding!

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Bridgenorth Avenue, Urmston, Manchester, M41 9PA

0161 748 6096