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LKS2 Summer Enterprise Extravaganza!!

On Wednesday 22nd July, Classes 5J, 6B and 7P held a summer enterprise extravaganza! This was an opportunity to put on traditional games and fair stalls as a special finale to their summer term theme: Let me entertain you!

Children from all classes bought tickets before the event priced at £2 so they could access the fun. Some of the stalls included 'Pringle Pong', tin can alley, ladder throw, limbo, lucky straws, coconut shy and penalty shoot-out. Children from class 5J prepared a puppet show and sewed a 'rat' for Splat the Rat, whilst Mr Phelan filled his car with balloons and weighed his dog, Kano, for two special 'Guess the' stalls. Class 6B wrapped up plastic cups for a 'Cup luck' stall and there were also baby photos of the teachers to guess at!

Everyone had a fantastic fun-packed afternoon, winning sweets and small prizes. A big well done to all the children from LKS2 for organising such a successful event and raising a fantastic £260! They will be deciding what to spend the money on in September.

School Art Exhibition 09.06.15 

Kindness Day

Friday 12th June

This year Highfield celebrated its first Kindness Day - a collaboration between Penguin Random House and the Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme. 

Mrs Bradley held an assembly at the start of the week where she talked about what it means to show kindness to somebody. She gave the whole school a challenge - do an act of kindness each day. 

Every class was given some petals and leaves to write down and record what kind acts where happening in their classes. These formed a display at the end of the week in the hall and some of them were read out. Each class also did some work around kindness. Here are some poems that Years 3 and 4 wrote:

To further enhance the skills and opportunities in Art and Design Technology we held whole school Art Exhibition here at Highfield Primary School. Every child throughout the school individually created an amazing piece of art work using a whole range of mediums and materials. All of the work produced was fantastic! At 3pm parents and careers were invited to have a look around! The hall was full of proud happy faces! The children were also very happy and proud to show off their work. Well done to everyone involved! the Whole day was a great success!!



Highfield are taking part in a musical ExTraffordganza at Eventcity. Today was our first day learning some of the songs. One is about the history of Manchester and the other is a famous piece of music called 'Zadok the priest'. There will be 1500 other children from Trafford joining us on the 15th July so we hope our parents will be too!

By Class 6B

Kissing my mum at bedtime

It's nice to be nice

Never call somebody a mean name

Do a favour for somebody

Never hurt anybody

Every day smile at somebody

Split something in half with a friend

So choose kindness

by Luca 

Kindness is...

Invite people to your parties

Never give up on somebody

Don't bully others

Nicely play

Enjoy other people's joy



This is Kindness!

By Elise

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