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Highfield's 60th Birthday!!!

Grandparents' Diamond Celebration Tea Dance

On Monday 8th December we held a Tea Dance for children and their grandparents.  Our guests were treated to a professional performance by Lauren and Jack from Jane Jarvis dance school. We were also very proud of our very own Alfie, who did a stunning dance with Lauren.

Mrs Robertson and her dance partner started off the dancing and before long grandparents and children also took to the floor.  Our guests and their grandchildren were rewarded for their dancing, with tea, juice and cakes. All in all a good time was had by all!

On Monday 28th April, two children from each class were chosen to help release 60 gold and burgundy balloons to officially kick-start our 60th birthday celebrations. The whole school cheered as they were released!

A few days later, the Eco-Council planted a tree in the middle of the grass triangle outside the front of our school whilst the School Council planted a time capsule filled with items that represent Highfield and the world in 2014.

Highfield Then and Now

As part of our celebrations, we launched a competition 'Highfield Then and Now' to encourage our pupils to find out what Highfield was like in the past compared to what it is like now.

We had lots of different entries from drawings, interviews with past pupils (many of these are parents!), collages, photographs and memory books. They were all fantastic and really demonstrated the high level of work which had gone in to their production.

They are now on display in our hall so why not come in and take a look?

Highfield House
Highfield House

A special assembly

On Monday 30th June, Highfield celebrated the anniversary of its official opening 60 years previously with a special assembly to which past heads and governors were invited. Children created a timeline of events that have occurred throughout the past 60 years which include Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, the first female Prime Minister, England's winning the World Cup and the release of Harry Potter.

Several children from Key Stage Two then showed off a dance from the 50's era which they had been learning - quite different from the Macarena or the Harlem Shake today! 

Later on in the day, parents and grandparents arrived to join us for a whole-school picnic. Thankfully, the sun was shining and everyone was able to eat outside and then have fun running around and playing on our fantastic field.  

1950's Day

On Monday 14th July, Highfield travelled back 60 years to 1954! Children and staff arrived in traditional 1950's outfits ready for a day of school that is very different to today! Tables were split up and faced the front, maths facts were chanted and learnt off-by-heart, spellings were practised over and over and some teachers even had a cane! (Although of course our children were wonderfully behaved so there was no need to use it!)

At the end of the day, a special assembly was held to reflect on the day's experience and sing the National Anthem, something which would have been traditionally sung on a weekly basis in 1954. All our children enjoyed themselves but were certainly glad to return to 2014 on the Tuesday!

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