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Roman Weapon Workshop (Years 3 and 4)


On Friday 13th March Lower Key Stage 2 participated in the Roman Weapon Workshop Day.

Legions V, VI and VII rotated around 3 activities: helmet making, sword making and shield making.


Misterus Jenkinsus guided the troops through the construction of their Roman Galeae (helmets).

First they cut out their helmet template.

Next they attached the pieces and formed the crown of their helmet.

Finally they decorated their plume or crest and attached that atop their helmet.


Missus Bradlius instructed the legions on making their Roman Scuta (shields).

The shields were initially painted blood red before yellow patterns were embellished upon them.


Misterus Phelanus commanded his soldiers to create Roman Gladii (swords)

The template was first wrapped in silver.

Secondly the hilt and handle were painted.


Each soldier, once equipped with galea, scutum and gladius, was prepared for battle.


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Bridgenorth Avenue, Urmston, Manchester, M41 9PA

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